• Arizona Standardized Testing

    Roosevelt School Distirct administers state-mandated standardized testing annually between the end of March and the end of May. Each school will communicate specific dates to your student directly. These State-mandated tests must be taken in person by students in the grades and groups shown below:

    Assessment Grades Purpose
    AzM2 3rd–8th Measure grade level understanding in reading, writing and math.
    • Tested population: All students in these grades who don’t take alternate assessments as noted in their IEP
    AzSCI 5th and 8th • Measure science understanding at the check points of 5th and 8th grades in science
    • Tested population: All students in these grades who don’t take alternate assessments as noted in their IEP
    AZELLA Kinder–8th • Measure the progress of English language acquisition for students whose primary language is not English.
    • Tested population: All students in these grades who have been identified as English Learners.

    In addition to complying with the State of Arizona’s requirement to test students in person, we will use students’ test results to inform our curriculum planning for the upcoming school year. Please be assured, that we use more than just these test results to prepare for a successful school year; our plans will also reflect the social-emotional needs and interests of our students, the results of other District assessments, teacher observations and parent input.

    Tips for successful testing

    We want to make sure our students feel prepared and supported so that they do their best to showcase what they know. There is no need to pressure your child to cram or excessively study/practice for these exams. Some tips on how you can help prepare your child for testing are:

    • Regularly get a full 8-10 hours of sleep, especially before each testing day
    • Regularly hydrate, dehydration negatively affects mood and thinking!
    • Regularly make time for a healthy breakfast
    • Check your school’s testing schedule to ensure that your child is present and on time for testing
    • Remind students to do their best but not to be anxious about their score
    • Talk to students about any anxiety or worry they may feel. If students seem worried, please feel free to share that information with the school counselor, social worker, and/or teachers so we can help.

    If there is anything you would like to share or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at the district office or contact the Principal of your school.