• Clever Portal Login Instructions

    The Clever Portal has online access to several programs that students do not need to enter separate logins. The programs listed below are available to all RSD students through Clever.

    Username: Student ID (lunch number)
    Password: Student birthday (with slashes, no leading zeros; M/D/YYYY) 

    HMH  - District Wide Reading Adoption 

    All RSD students have access to HMH, along with a practice component named IRead, available for our lower grade students. 

    Login instructions are below:

    1. Go to HMH or use Clever and click on the HMH hyperlink

    2. Students will need to select State (Arizona) and District (Roosevelt School District 66) the first-time they log in on a different device

    3. Username: RSD-Student ID (lunch number) – Example (RSD-939393)

    4. Password: Birthdate – Example for February 4, 2005 (02042005)