• 2021 - 2022 Grade level schedules

    4th Grade

    7:30 the campus opens for students. Parents may walk their student in the gate. 

    7:45 breakfast is served and our 4th graders will be picked up in the cafeteria during breakfast at 8:00

    8:00 classes head to homeroom for attendance and start of second specials / intervention.

    8:40 begins their social studies classapple

    9:20 is our Khan Academy math program

    9:40 is their elective 

    10:30 is lunch period


    11:00 student returns to class for ath instruction

    11:40 is a recess period

    12:00 is Language Arts Class

    12:40 is a recess period

    1:00 is our Young Authors writing period

    1:30 is the class community circle period

    1:50 is science class


    5th Grade

    7:30 the campus opens for students breakfast is served and the students are at the Ramada. For inclement weather the students are in their classroom. 

    8:00 to class for Attendance and intervention / second specials 

    pencils 8:40 is their Khan Academy math period. 

    9:00 is their electives class

    9:45is social studies

    10:30 is a recess period

    10:50 is the start of lunch

    11:20 is math class

    12:00 is Language Arts

    12:40 is their Young Authors block

    1:10 is a recess period

    1:30 is their class community circle

    1:50 is science class


    6th Grade

    7:30 campus opens and students take their breakfast to class at 7:35

    8:00 is time for Attendance and intervention / second special

    8:40 is the start of first period. 

    9:30 is the start of second period

    10:20 is the start of third period

    11:20 is the start of 4th period

    11:30 Lunch time or community circle depending on the team

    12:00 Lunch time or community circle for the other team

    12:30 is the electives class for the whole grade level

    1:20 is our writers class

    2:15 fourth class eriod resumes


    7th Grade

    7:30 camus opens and students may take their breakfast to their classroom

    8:00 Attendance and the start of intervention and second special

    8:40 start of first class period

    owl 9:30 start of second class period

    10:20 start of third class period

    11:10 students start fourth hour

    11:30 Lunch or community circle depending on their team

    12:00 Community circle or lunch depending on thier team

    12:30 Electives or writers club

    1:20 Elective or writers club

    2:15-3:00 4th hour continues


    8th Grade

    7:30 the campus opens and students take breakfast to their classroom

    8:00-8:40 Attendance and second specials or Intervention paw

    8:40 is first hour class

    9:30 is second hour class

    10:20 is third hour class

    11:10 is fourth hour class

    11:30 is either lunch or class community circle

    12:00 is unch or community circle

    12:30 is either specials or writing club

    1:20 is either specials or writing club

    2:15 is completing 4th hour class