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    2020 Bond Information
    What is a bond? 
    • A bond provides RSD with additional funding for capital items.
    • By law school districts are not permitted to use bond funds for maintenance or operation expenses.
    • Bond debt is paid through secondary property tax rate. 
    • As old bond debt is paid, new bond debt would take its place resulting in no planned increase to secondary property tax rate for the bonds.
    What are the main aspects of the RSD Bond?
    • Transform our schools to innovative learning environments. 
    • Provide a quality, cutting edge education focused on high achievement. 
    • Ensure the use of the latest technology for students and teachers. 
    • Promote safe and secure environment in a world-wide pandemic. 
    • Make learning fair and equitable for every child in South Phoenix.
    • Ensure transportation uses clean energy.
    How will you meet those goals?
    • Access and Inclusion
      • Build schools with everyone in mind
      • Equip schools with everything kids need to learn including flexible seating
      • Removing barriers that prevent full access and participat
      • Safety and Security
      • Urgent safety repairs exist including the need to replace aging roofs and classrooms
      •  New investments such as smart controls, which close HVAC pathways to prevent the spread of COVID-19
      • Bar intruders by using safety gates and entries preventing access to anyone inside campuses
    • Create Cutting Edge Campuses
      • Equip campuses with state-of-the-art technology
      • Ensure health and safety community benefits promoting empathy and collaboration
      • Promote learning spaces which emphasize teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking 
      • Ensure emergency preparedness are available in every neighborhood school
    • Signature Programs
      • Ensure every school is home to a unique set of educators, highly qualified in specialty programming
      • Offer a focus at each school like engineering, computer science, environmental awareness, or innovation  where students choose what they study
      • Promoting opportunity for students to realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations
      • Enrich student learning experiences by exposing them to skills they will use in college and careers to be productive members of society
    • Transportation
      • Provide transportation with clean energy.
      • Equip transportation with zero toxins for children to breathe and no carbon released into the atmosphere.
      • Reduce the cost of fuel.