• Our curriculum is standards-based and incorporates tactile, experiential learning opportunities that appropriately meet the needs of a developing child. Field trips, the use manipulatives, kinesthetic strategies, and other experiential methods also compliment traditional instructional delivery.

    Beyond typical academic studies, we offer programs that encourage the development of critical thinking skills, as well as access to programs that foster a creative and multi-sensory approach to learning through creative play and gardening. Students have the opportunity to experience learning through the use of an outdoor classroom, grade-level-assigned garden beds, and a curriculum that includes student-choice, like Daily 5 Literacy Centers and Writer’s Workshop.

    Recognizing the challenges of before- and after-school care for working parents, we offer extended-school-day opportunities for students by providing regular tutoring and extra-curricular activities. In addition, learning resources such as Roosevelt Reads digital library and ST Math, which teaches foundational math skills and problem solving using screen graphics, can be accessed outside of school hours for families’ convenience.