• Gifted and Talented Program at RSD

    Gifted Services Roosevelt at the School District is committed to the belief that all learners have the right to educational experiences and opportunities that encourage and allow them to develop their potential. Learners have a need for positive social interaction with their peers in a responsive academic environment. Since gifted students’ learning needs are different from those of typical students, the curriculum and learning environment should address these needs and differences through adaptation and design. We are working for you!

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    Gifted Task Force

    Our Roosevelt school district teaching and learning department is excited to share our development on investing and improving our current gifted program in Roosevelt. We have assimilated a task force of teachers, instructional coaches, administrators, parents, as well as teachers who have gone through the RSD gifted program in their time as a RSD student! We understand that for any program to be successful, we need to include all stakeholders.

    The task force will be hard at work to revise the current scope and sequence to evaluate current programming components, such as identification procedures, testing & qualification methods, differentiation for students based on their qualifying area, professional development for teachers, gifted services for currently identified students, use of gifted funds for student curriculum resources, family connections and events, and more!

    The team will be focusing on not just identifying our awaiting gifted and talented, but working diligently to come up with a solid plan on delivering high quality instruction to our currently enrolled gifted students using research based strategies and curriculum resources. Along with precuring strong curriculm resources and analyzing effective qualification methods, our team will put together a plan on how to provide endorsement classes through the district professional development course guide so that we can build teacher efficacy for supporting our gifted learners.

Referral for Gifted Services

  • For more information about the RSD Gifted and Talented Program, contact:

    Jessica Zimmerman
    Instructional Coach Valley View
    Acting District Office Gifted Coordinator