• Report Cards

    Roosevelt School District uses a standards-based grading system. The purpose of the Roosevelt School District standards-based report card is to clearly communicate a student’s current level of academic performance and progress toward mastery of grade-specific standards. Report cards will be distributed at the end of each trimester. 

    Every grade level has a unique report card and grades reflect where a student is based on end-of-year expectations, these can be viewed below. There are new performance levels and behavior indicators for the standards-based report card are as follows:

    • A “4” indicates the student is working independently on above grade level concepts and skills. Typically, this level is attained by few students.
    • A “3” demonstrates mastery and independent application of grade level skills and concepts. A “3” is the goal for grade level mastery and should be celebrated.
    • A “2” indicates a student has not yet mastered the standards but is showing progress toward achieving the skills and concepts for grade level mastery. Additional support from teachers and family is needed.
    • A “1” indicates the student does not demonstrate understanding of the skills and concepts expected at the grade level. Intervention is needed from teacher and family.


    Report Card Rubrics

    Please Note:  Report Card Rubrics are published by Grade Level. To access a particular form, simply click on the appropriate grade level to access a full listing. Click again to collapse the listing.

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