• English Language Acquisition


    Our mission is to help students develop the English language skills needed for academic and social purposes by offering services and support targeted to language development.


    Our objectives are to support schools and their teachers with the following:

    • Identification, assessment and program placement of all students with a language development need.
    • Ensure that students gain a solid foundation in language structure and become comfortable and confident in communicating with others in English.
    • Assist students in developing the academic language necessary to succeed in all content area.
    • Address the spectrum of students’ learning styles by supporting teachers in the use of a wide variety of language teaching methods and techniques.
    • Provide students with constructive, specific, and detailed feedback on all areas of their language development in order for them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can most effectively improve.
    • Monitor school records to ensure state and federal compliance.
    • Provide parents with timely notifications of their child’s language needs and the program placement to be provided.
    • Empower parents to best support their child by educating them on the process used to identify, assess and place their child in a language support program.