• Arizona Teacher Residency

    Enhancing Teacher Preparation and Retention

    The Arizona Teacher Residency is a two-year program that prepares recent college graduates from any degree program and those looking to switch careers to be effective classroom teachers. Roosevelt is one of three districts in the state to be part of the program's inaugural year. Former Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, the Arizona Department of Education, Northern Arizona University and the Arizona K12 Center created the residency in October 2021. 

    Applications for the program are open now

    Nominate an Excellent Teacher

    The Arizona Teacher Residency is looking for classroom teachers to support residents in the 2022-23 school year. Anyone can nominate a teacher, and current teachers can even self-nominate. We are looking to recruit teachers from John R. Davis, Irene Lopez, and Ed and Verma Pastor schools who are caring, inclusive, and supportive; who hold high standards for themselves and their students; and who committed to life-long learning and continual development. 

    Selected teachers will coach and support two residents through the course of the school year, one during the fall semester and the other during the spring semester. Those who are selected will receive a stipend, public recognition and access to training and ongoing professional learning through the Arizona K12 Center. Most importantly, they will help shape the next generation of teachers in our community.

    Recognize a teacher by nominating them to be a part of the inaugural class of supervising teachers as we work together to create outstanding leaders for tomorrow.

    About the Arizona Teacher Residency

    The Arizona K12 Center at Northern Arizona University established the Arizona Teacher Residency program based on the teacher residency model codified by the National Center for Teacher Residencies and work by Arizona Teacher Residency Director Dr. Victoria Theisen-Homer. It is different from other teacher education programs in Arizona because it:

    • Requires a yearlong intensive apprenticeship in partnering schools where residents slowly ramp up their instructional responsibilities under the guidance of a strong supervising teacher prior to becoming a teacher of record.
    • Is a two-year graduate program leading to a master’s degree through NAU, with coursework that revolves around residents’ classroom experience.
    • Offers direct support to residents and supervising teachers in the form of sizable stipends and extensive professional development opportunities.
    • Supports residents through two years of induction after they become teachers of record and then sets them up to be able to pursue National Board Certification.
    • Requires a three-year commitment to teaching in partnering districts after the residency year.

    Arizona Teacher Residency 4 year Timeline

    More information about the program, including frequently asked questions and how to apply, is available from the Arizona K12 Center.