Who We Are
  • Principal: Larry LaPrise

    Assistant Principal: Brad Pelton

    The New View!

    Valley View Leadership Academy has proudly served the South Mountain Village area since 1956. We are so excited to live in this new chapter and create amazing new beginnings for our K-8 students! Pieces of the old will be mixed with the new and Valley View is proud to be the flagship school of the district. Valley View is a K-8 school of more than 600 students and is governed by the Roosevelt School District. Although the school is a neighborhood school, more than one-third of our students come from outside of our boundaries to take advantage of the student-oriented learning environment found here.

    Valley View teachers are Highly Qualified and Appropriately Certified by the Arizona Department of Education. We are proud to say that many of our teachers are veterans who have spent many years at Valley View. Two of them also went to school here as children. We believe that the loving, nurturing, yet rigorous learning environment of Valley View makes it a fabulous place to be a teacher and also to be a student.

    Valley View is not only an academic learning place but offers many, many programs that a full-service elementary school is expected to provide. There are many after-school clubs, sports for the middle school grades, and an amazing, award winning band program with students beginning as early as the 4th grade. Valley View is also proud to be  Leader In Me school. This program teaches the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People” to all of our students, beginning in Kindergarten. Learning and living the 7 Habits empowers children to accept responsibility for their decisions, enables them to set and achieve lofty goals, and brings them to the realization that they are truly in charge of their own lives – that they alone determine their own futures. The expectations of high school and college completion become a natural part of their development as they set their life courses for success.

    We are proud of the school we have created and excited for our "new beginning"!  We look forward to meeting you. Please come by for a school tour.