• Welcome to V.H. Lassen's Community Pantry: Donate Today!



    V.H. Lassen's Community Pantry is open every Wednesday from 8-10am to our students, families and greater South Phoenix community.

    The pantry offers non-perishable food items, cleanliness and health supplies, including face masks and sanitizer, and fresh produce. This pantry is in partnership with 104.7 KISS F.M.’s Love Up Foundation, Valley of the Sun United Way, St. Mary’s Food Bank and Spaces of Opportunity Community Garden.

    If you are interested in making a DONATION to the pantry, please contact V.H. Lassen's Principal Brian Lockwood via email (brian.lockwood@rsd66.org) or call 602-232-4210.

    Here's one of the news segments from Fox 10  this morning , and a link to the ABC15 news story