Technology Overview

  • The Innovation and Learning Department of the Roosevelt School District provides state of the art technological support and solutions to Roosevelt students, teachers and staff to promote an innovative educational learning environment and experience. 

    This year, the Roosevelt School District No. 66 is one of the first school districts in Phoenix to provide an Apple iPad device to every K-8 student and teacher to use in the classroom and at home. The initiative will provide 1:1 Apple devices to nearly 9,000 students and hundreds of teachers at each of the 19 school campus locations in South Phoenix.

    Engaging students in the classroom is a top priority at Roosevelt School District No. 66 and this added technology will amplify their learning experience. “Access to technology is not a luxury -- it is a right,” said Dr. Quintin Boyce, Chief Administrative Officer, Roosevelt School District No. 66. “Providing this technology enhances the teaching and learning experience at Roosevelt,” Boyce added.

    Students become more engaged using Apple devices that give them access to online curriculum, coding programs, and other interactive applications. Teachers are able to use the built-in apps to integrate curriculum and create meaningful learning experiences using the newest, most innovative technology. Providing Apple iPad devices to students starting in Kindergarten through 8th grade will better prepare them for success in high school, college and career. Thanks to the support of our community, students are able to have access to this technology as a result of voter approved bond and capital override funds.