• Roosevelt Center of Sustainability

    The Roosevelt Center of Sustainability is an innovative idea that transforms a retired school campus into a hands-on resource laboratory designed to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) efforts within k-8 schools. The center serves as a field trip attraction for students in a region and a extracurricular center for students interested in targeted STEAM focused practical programming. The Center is unique in the notion that brings together students, educators, artists, industry partners, and communities to inspire interest in practical STEAM content. The Roosevelt Center of Sustainability at the George Benjamin Brooks Sr. Community School provides an empowering learning environment that is inspired by STEAM concepts, 21st Century skills, and hands-on/inquiry-based learning experiences. The Center’s hands-on exhibits, videos, and greenhouse have been designed to integrate and enhance the current Arizona Science Standards and Practical Learning Theory. They are also compatible with the disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, and practices of the Next Generation Science Standards.