• Educational Resources for Students and Families to Use

    During School Closure (optional)

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    Roosevelt School District Learning Plan During School Closures


    English Language Arts and Math Practice Take Home Packet Distribution 

    The Roosevelt School District No.66 has distributed packets for four-weeks' worth of English Language Arts and Math practice. The packets will be available for all grade levels. Please note, students with special needs will receive 1:1 virtual or telephonic contact from their teachers to tailor the content to their needs. These packets are in addition to resources already listed below on this webpage. District and Campus Administrators have been distributing the packets at school sites during the breakfast and lunch meal distribution timeframe, which is 9 - 10:30 a.m. The learning packets will also be distributed to students on the mobile meals bus routes between 10 a.m. and Noon and continuing next week. In addition, individual campuses will also make packets available during other times to accommodate families. 


    Optional Educational Resources for

    Students and Families to Use During School Closure 

    Parents have asked for work or activities for their students to do during this break. Please note that any educational work that students do is optional, and you and your family can determine how much time to dedicate for your child's learning. Check out the list of Learning Resources for Students we’ve compiled to assist in supporting your child in fun and exciting learning activities while at home. In our community, learning is a partnership and we want to provide you the necessary resources every step of the way and will be adding to this list periodically.

     Pre-K to 3rd Grade - Additional Resources

    This is for Pre-K to 3rd grade students. There are free worksheets in mathematics and language arts. In addition, there is a parent-teacher resource for free. 

    Aims to transform the way pediatric healthcare is delivered by maximizing opportunities to promote strong parent-child relationships and early child development within everyday healthcare interactions. Through provider training, environmental transformation and pioneering research, our easily scalable programming will leverage the healthcare space to reach families in the earliest years.

    Resources for parents



    Pre-K to 8th Grade - Additional Resources

    This book is an invitation for families to discuss the full range of emotions arising from the current situation. It is important to point out that this resource does not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool based on fantasy.

    Keep learning although schools are closed. Find your grade level on this website and discover learning through meaningful stories and videos.

     Worksheet bundles are available here. These handouts include math, science, reading, and language arts activities.

     Khan Academy is a free resource. There is a daily schedule for students ages 4-18 years.

    Code is a free online resource. Included are science lessons and games to help students starting at an early age.

     This is a K-12 learning resource. Students who love interaction, sing alongside, and virtual lessons will benefit from this website.

    CoolMath is appropriate for students in 3rd to 12th grade. Basic math lessons and games are included in this resource.

    Learn about animals, science experiments, and Earth features at National Geographic for kids. This site will keep kids engaged for hours. 

     This website is full of articles for multiple interest. If you want to learn about sports, health, politics, or entertainment, this is the site for you. 

    Engage students in fun games, riddles, and puzzles. This is a supplement to online learning for younger kids. 

    Sesame Street has been entertaining kids for decades. Included on this website are video clip as and games to support phonics, counting, color naming, and rhyming. 

     This is a free website for parents and teachers. Available are word games, coloring exercises, and various puzzles to work with children. 

    This is an article-based website. For those interested in culture, science, economy, and technology, this site is for you.

    This program was designed for Pre-K to 8th grade. Explore various mathematics and English language arts topics through online videos and games. 

     Teach students about art and science using this resource. From the ocean to the galaxy, students have the opportunity to explore all parts of the Universe.

     Take an adventure. Using this site, kids can take a tour of ancient history. 

     Find educational worksheets, learning games, and instructional activities. Kids absolutely love this website.

     Teach students about various topics and subjects. These games are engaging for children who have the desire to learn.

     Mickey is back! Through online games, coloring activities, and videos, learning is fun and creative. 

     Venture into learning another language with Duolingo! The lessons are fun, creative, and exciting

     Use animated stories to play, read, and make crafts. Participate in joyful learning to discover your best self.

                Find a collection of videos and articles that will help you better understand the outbreak as well as steps to prepare and maintain health and wellness. 

                 Valuable resource is continuing their education from home with fun and informative experiments (doubly useful for those in quarantine).

     Walt Disney Imagineers are inspiring creativity, curiosity, and innovation with “Imagineering in a Box.” This one-of-a-kind learning experience in partnership with the Khan academy gives families a chance to dream, create, and build… right from home!

           Junior Achievement (Middle School Level)

    Our NEW online educational resources will help keep the learning alive! Students of all ages learn about managing money, work readiness, career exploration, entrepreneurship, critical thinking and more!

    Pre-K to 8th Grade Resources for Students with Exceptional Needs - Additional Resources



    Links to Pre-K to 8th Grade - Roosevelt Curriculum 

    Find learning opportunities for every moment. HMH promotes student agency by providing a balanced reading approach to learning.

    Students can watch science videos at multiple grade levels. The focus is on interactive virtual lab simulations and innovative personalized learning.

     Produce academic growth in just 30 minutes. All subjects are included on this website.