District Spending

Roosevelt School District No. 66 is committed to providing our many stakeholders and citizens with a complete accounting of how our tax resources are spent, as well as providing insight into the financial operations of our school district. The full Fiscal Year 2022 report is available for download in its orignal format and an alternative text-only format. In addition to the information below, please visit our Financial Transparency page for more information.

  • $63,008: Average teacher salary (A.R.S. §15-903.E)

    The average RSD teacher salary is estimated to be $63,008 in FY24. This is 5% or $2,966 more than the FY23 average salary of $60,042.

    Average salaries identified include base salaries from primary funding source and Classroom Site Funds educational attainment and retention stipends. CSF Performance pay has been accounted in the year in which the performance pay was earned; the maximum performance pay of $3,000 has been projected for FY24. Teachers receive a rich, annual health benefit package totaling $8,400 and may also receive compensation for other stipends, but these have not been included in the average salary calculation.

  • 69.3%: Classroom Spending

  • $20,577: Total per pupil spending