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Tax Credit - Support Campbell

Support Students of The Roosevelt School District and Cloves C. Campbell School

The Roosevelt School District is located in a high poverty area of the South Mountain community and serves over 10,000 students in preschool through eighth grades. Over ninety-five percent of the children attending our 19 schools qualify for federally subsidized free or reduced-price food services, a nationally recognized poverty indicator. The vision of the Roosevelt District is to provide all children a world-class education while maintaining strong community and family values. Our most important goal is to increase student achievement and that happens by providing a strong extracurricular program.

Please download the Tax Credit Brochure to donate to any of the schools in the Roosevelt School District. 


Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Tax Credit? 

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax amount owed. For example, if you owe $800 in state income taxes and you donate $400 to a public school for extracurricular activities, you may subtract the $400 from your tax bill and pay the state just $400. If you anticipate a refund from the state, it would increase by the amount of your contribution, assuming you had that amount withheld.

How is the Money Used?

According to the law, these donations must be used for extracurricular activities and/or character education programs. With your help, Roosevelt School District is able to offer tutoring, band, music, art, recreational activities, and much more. Extracurricular activities and/or character education programs help children develop qualities such as leadership, team play, and cooperation, as well as provide safe, supervised activities after school hours. Thanks to you, these programs could be available to all Roosevelt students.

Who is Eligible?

All Arizona taxpayers are eligible to take advantage of this tax credit regardless of whether or not they have children in our schools. A married couple filing jointly may contribute and receive a tax credit up to $400. A single individual may contribute up to $200. 

How Can I Help?

Simply complete the detachable form and mail it, along with your check or money order, to the Roosevelt School District or any Roosevelt school. Your support is a win-win situation for you as a taxpayer and our students!