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End of year PLC Summit supports our educators

Educators in the Roosevelt School District had an opportunity to participate in a two-dayProfessional Learning Summit provided by Solution Tree. The outcomes for learning were building foundations of professional learning communities and creating systems that answer the two questions; what do our students need to know and learn and how will we know when they learned it? This professional development, which was focused on Professional Learning Communities and aligning our work to our mission, vision and values – will help us to redesign the system to make it much more equitable for all students within our district. An example of some of the sessions included:

  • Serving the At-risk and Underserved 
  • Getting on the Same Page: Establishing Collective Commitments about Learning and Collaborations
  • The Why Effect:  Inspiration Cultures Sustained by Intentional Systems
  • Are you Ready to Learn:  Building a Commitment to Learning in Students
  • Understanding and Embracing the Science of our Profession to Ensure High Levels of Learning for All
  • Common Formative Assessment, The Linchpin of the PLC Process

Our PLC Summit contributed to getting one step closer to meeting the goals of our RSD Strategic Plan and the collective commitments created for our district.